White People & Reggae - The Big Enigma


I grew up in Hartford CT as part of the first generation in my Jamaican family to be born in the USA. Although I grew up in the 'inner city' by the determination of my mother and luck of the draw I was selected from the age of 9 to attend a school in a more affluential neighborhood.

By the time I had reached high school I had heard more stories about Jamaica from the white kids at school than I had in my own home. Mainly due to the fact that my mother had to work two jobs just to make ends meet, much less take a vacation with two kids.

Yet every summer a noticeable number of my classmates took summer vacations or spring breaks to the islands. More pointedly, Jamaica!






But back to the topic at hand..., growing up and seeing these rich and mainly white kids become so fascinated with reggae culture, the joy on their faces when they try their best Peter Tosh or Bob Marley impression is undeniable...

I have always wanted to understand why is that, why was the love and energy so loud there at Simsbury High and seemingly all over the world. It is the genre that speaks to everyones heart.

On my Nomadic journey I stopped in Portugal to speak with Dee Kyne a healer and energy worker who I met in the hills of Port Antonio Jamaica while she organized OLOSW 'One Love One Step Walking' a walk across the island of Jamaica that inspired so many to reconnect with the earth, with nature. 

 I took a moment to speak with Dee, her daughter Tamara and family friend Nunu about their love for reggae and what the music means to them. 

Please leave a comment and let me know what the culture means to you...




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