The Nomadic Journey - A Long Time Coming

The Nomadic Journey - A Long Time Coming

The nomadic journey for me started before I even knew what a nomad was, the desire to explore, meet new faces, experience new cultures, to get lost in the music and let it take me to imaginary lands of endless stories and possibilities.  

Growing up and being exposed to a variety of demographics, the one thing I noticed was this universal love for reggae music and the culture.
Everyone has their own story or reason as to why this music from the tiny island of Jamaica can invoke such an energy, bring such peace, calm, joy, passion, love and that undeniable militant stance for good and a better life.
These are the stories I want to get to know.
“When the music hits you feel no pain” Trench Town RockBob Marley  
That statement has always rung true to me as I know firsthand how music can take you away just like it can bring you back in time. I believe this is the main reason people travel near and far for their favorite band, sound system, artist and not only to see the live action but the experience of a new place, culture and finding your tribe that becomes family along the way.  

For me this is what ‘Reggae Nomadz’ is all about, the wanderer, the traveler, the reggae music lover that knows music is medicine.

I thank you for joining me on this journey and hope you check back regularly for more blogs, mixes, merch, interviews and more.  
Big love for your support throughout the years and for the years to come.  
Nikki Z ~ Reggae Nomad 
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❤️💛💚 Yess I ! When the music hits you feel no pain… Music will always be my medicine …Chuss me ! Thanks for spreading that message around the world good vibes only Show them Nikki Good over evil ☮️✌🏼❤️



BRAVO!!! So excited for this chapter to continue unfolding for you and all of us Reggae Nomadz around the globe!! Thanks for calling us to attention and providing space and time to connect.

MacKenzie Quarton

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